Alesis DM Lite Kit

Alesis DM Lite Kit, 5-piece electronic drum set with collapsible 4-post rack and light-up LED pads

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5-piece electronic drum set with collapsible 4-post rack and light-up LED pads, ideal for beginners and players who want to quickly improve their skills. Set includes four 7.5" round drum pads - one snare and three toms; as well as three 10" triangular cymbal pads - hi-hat, crash and ride, each featuring internal blue LED that lights up when hit; and two foot pedals: hi-hat open/closed momentary control and a velocity-sensitive kick trigger pedal controlled by built-in piezo sensor. Drum and cymbal pads are mounted to the pre-assembled, height adjustable rack, which provides fast and easy set-up that does not require any tools, and included wiring snake cable connects everything to the DM Lite module. Module is loaded with 200 drum and percussion sounds that are fully accessible by external MIDI sources, 10 ready-to-play kits and the built-in coach feature with 30 play-along tracks and an onboard metronome that add purpose to practice sessions and improve skills of the player. It is also equipped with stereo 1/4" outputs for connecting amplifier or sound system, 1/8" headphone output for private practice, 1/8" aux input for external audio source and USB MIDI port. Drum sticks, power supply, cable snake and all required cables, as well as all mounting hardware are included. Black and blue colour combination. Powered by 638010068-A adaptor.

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